The Spotlight this quarter falls on the Headquarters of the Ministry of Care which is being built in the town of Mberi – Owerri, Nigeria.  The vision is for a multi-purpose facility that can serve as a central venue for mission activities, including health care services and community education.  In addition, the facility will serve as temporary shelter for the most needy and desolate of the population.  The facility provides a permanent presence in the regional community to where people who need help may visit.
Construction on the complex began several years ago and is still on-going.  Much of the structure of the first floor has been completed and some of the rooms are being furnished with the necessary utilities.  A lot of work still needs to be done to make the building habitable.  The plan is to add a second storey to the structure where more rooms, including living quarters will be located.
Your help is needed to make this vision come to pass.  Please donate freely towards the completion of the building and offer your support in whatever capacities you are able.  The Lord will reward you greatly for your help towards His work – In Jesus’s Name. Amen.
For more information about the MOC headquarters, please contact Minister Joy Osueke or Rev. Margaret Michael.