The Ministry of Care (MOC) originated from unlikely circumstances and has grown into a vehicle that transform lives, imparts hope, and ministers joy to the lives of the underserved and forgotten members of society within the United States and around the world. When Dr. Chima Osueke, a successful Attorney and gracious benefactor, died suddenly in 2001, he left behind a young wife and four minor children, the oldest of whom had yet to graduate from high school.  Through the tears and attendant pain, the grieving widow announced that the Lord had impressed on her to start a ministry to widows, orphans, and the poor – people who are hurt by the vicissitudes of life.  Thus, the Ministry of Care, Inc. was born.
MOC recently celebrated its fifteenth anniversary and is able to look back at the great things the Lord has enabled the ministry to accomplish and the lives they continue to touch. This includes notable missionary work to marginalized communities in the United States, Nigeria, Togo, Cameroon, Uganda, the Ukraine, Trinidad and Tobago, Haiti, and Israel.  MOC volunteers are willing to go to extreme lengths to reach those persons who fit the Lord’s description as “… one of the least of these my brethren …” (Matthew 25:40).   Thankfully, God has been using and will continue to use His people – including you – to provide the resources needed from year to year.
Ministry of Care volunteers are accomplished in several professional fields that include medicine, nursing, social work, education, accounting, and law among a few.  They all humbly work hand in hand with sister Joy Osueke, jointly fulfilling the vision that the Lord has given them.  Ministry of Care also has spiritual patrons who continuously undergird MOC activities with their individual prayers and in their monthly prayer meeting for the ministry. There is no question that Ministry of Care was started by God.  He will continue to sustain and help it grow to greater heights, forever to His glory!